Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Old Friends

Here's a pic of me and my neighbor Jenn @ the beach yesterday. It was the most gorgeous day ever! I may or may not have went into work a little late due to a flat tire ( wink wink) which caused me to prolong my beach visit.

* Please disregard my crazy sloppy hair.

How cute are we? We've been friends since the age of 3.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Beach Day

I'm going to the beach today!!

I feel like it's been forever since i've been, probably more like 3 weeks or so.

Just started reading a new book " Happiness Sold Seperately".

ohhh how a love the beach w/ a good book <3

* with any luck i shall return a bronzed goddess

this is the super cute bathing suit i will be wearing:


and yes this is exactly how i look in it!! hahahaahaa

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Target Malfunctions

Soooo today after work i stopped by Target all excited to buy James Blunt and Sheryl Crow's latest Cd's, only to find the power out and lots of angry shoppers w/ overflowing carts and no working registers. I waited around a bit but no luck.

Anyway the reason i wanted these cd's is b/c of the fabulous concert i saw last night. I've never been a big James Blunt fan but he was soooo energetic and adorable last night. Sheryl Crow was awesome, i need and must have her arms!!! she is my new soucre of "arm envy"! haha im trying super hard to get gorgeous toned arms like that... which besides doing my little weights also requires that i lose about 5 lbs. hmmm we'll see how that goes.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Washiontinenne

Has anyone read this book?? I was both intrigued and disgusted at various parts. It wasn't an excellent book but i did find it very amusing. It defiintely inspired me to start blogging, even though my life is nowhere near as exciting as Ms. Jessica Cutlers was. Come to think of it, im probably better off not being that type of exciting.*