Friday, April 30, 2010

freebie weekend getaway

Lately the boy has been going on weekend businessy type trips & if I'm not working i get to go along with him. A few weeks ago we went to Baltimore, Maryland & tonight we are heading to Atlantic City. I'm excited to stay at the Trump Marina for free :).I'm hoping to get lucky on some slot machines $$.

This weekend the weather is supposed to be absolutely beautiful & I'm looking forward to enjoying a nice sunny stroll down the boardwalk & of course spending some time with my handsome soldier.

Wherever you are, i hope you get to smile and enjoy some sunshine this weekend

*I'm pretty sure i'll see a ton of fashionable fanny packs while im there! hehe


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

peace, beauty, cozy


How beautiful is this picture? I just wanna jump in, grab the cat, cozy up in that bright yellow blanket & enjoy the view. Found this photo browsing flickr, i don't know where it was taken.... but i know i wanna BE there :)

pretend & then just be

"Pretend you're kind and generous often enough and eventually you forget it's all an act."
-Robert Brault

Saturday, April 24, 2010

too much of a favorite thing

About a month ago i started to get sick of my beloved pears...
Then i went on a cantoloupe kick, i couldn't get enough & suddenly it's not so appealing any more.
I think i need to try to start enjoying my fave fruits in moderation, or else they become my "unfavorite" fruits WAY too fast!
Lately watermelon is looking pretty darn good to me ;)

Do you ever over do it on fave foods & then get sick of em?

*hoping to start blogging more regularly soon!