Saturday, July 25, 2009

lovely little dress

It's Saturday morning & i've been awake since a little after four a.m.!
I was rudely awaken'ed by the arrival of my monthly friend (not TMI I hope, hehe)
Anywho, I decided to catch up on some blog reading, it was nice to get up to date on all the blogs i <3 since i haven't been my usual blog obsessed self lately.
For me & i'm sure alot of other girlies, perusing blogland usually leads to some online shopping /browsing...
At forever21 I stumbled upon this little lovely.



Isn't it adorable? Love the ruffles at the neckline and the bow tied at the back! I think I might need it & I hope it looks as good on as it does in the pictures. Lucky for me i've got a nifty little f21 giftcard sitting in my wallet just waiting to be used ;)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Cozy Kitties

Cats never strike a pose that isn't photogenic.

-Lillian Jackson Braun


It's little moments like the one in this photo where i'd really like to be a cat, wouldn't you love to cuddle up in this snuggly goodness?

*photo of lovers/brother & sister/ Gizmo & Lily