Wednesday, August 31, 2011

please help fina cook!

pretty, pretty, pretty please

I am in desperate need of recipe suggestions.

I'd really like to start cooking dinner more often but i have trouble getting ideas.

I often look through the gazillion recipes on but still come up empty handed.

I would LOVE it if any of you would be sweet enough to let me in on some of YOUR favorite recipes.

There is a shiny new slow cooker sitting in my kitchen that has yet to be used, any recipes for that would be greatly appreciated as well!

eagerly anticipating some kind responses



Thursday, August 25, 2011


Do you wish on a fallen eyelash?

I do, every single time.

Sometimes it's a silly wish and sometimes it's something bigger.

I wonder where this little tradition started?


Friday, August 19, 2011

The Mrs.

I am officially a "MRS".

It's been almost two weeks and i don't feel any bit different, i guess i allready felt like we were married. We've been living together for a few years & we knew we were in it for keeps.

If you're married, did you feel different at all after the wedding?

I'm very ready to relax and focus on things other than wedding planning.

Ready for baking and possibly even cooking dinner once in a while.

Ready to settle into our new official family.

Squirrell has a real daddy now!!


My initials are GG, don't make fun! hehe