Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Hijinks

I had lots of fun on Halloween! Here are a few pics of our shenanigans...

This one is my friend Melissa, the "party pooper" and me, "Mrs.Claus"


Me and Melissa's Fiance, Sean, the "party animal"


Someone's "boobies" ended up in my possesion... How? im not too sure


Party pooper and party animal


A bunch of us lookin verrry happy!


Now if i hadn't gotten soo drunky, i might have some better quality pics... i'm sure you get the idea though!

How was your Halloween?


BusyBeeSuz said...

Looks like fun. Love the costume. So cute and clever. You can wear it again at Christmas!!!!

Smileygirl said...

Your costume is sooo cute and you can wear it again in less than 2 months. Did you ever find out who belonged to the boobs you found?

I just read Suz's comment and I said the same thing she did. We think alike.

marisol said...

Fun costume! Makes me look forward to the holidays.

Anonymous said...

You look like you had tons of fun on Halloween!

Emily said...

looks like you had a great time! as for my ellen tracy socks, i found them at loehmann's. i swear they have the best selection of affordable socks and tights!

Fashion Therapist said...

Thanks for your comment! Looks like you had an awesome Halloween!!!