Saturday, May 14, 2011

saturday thoughts

"One of the BEST actions we can take, with courage, is to relax."

-insight from the tag on my yogi green tea

Lately it seems like there is ALWAYS something that needs to be done. Ok it doesn't just seem that way, there really IS always something that needs doing.

I've got TONS of exciting stuff going on in the next few months.

Trips home, my bridal shower, my best friends wedding and then MY WEDDING!!!

Oh my.

Along with the excitement inevitably come some stress, and lets be honest, I'm prone to getting a teeeeny bit on the anxious side.

This quote stopped me in my morning routine and made me think.

Even though there are tons of things to do, i don't ALWAYS have to be DOING something. If i give myself permission to relax more often I'll be better able to more effectively get things done.

So girlies, I have a question.

What is your favorite way to relax?

And while I'm asking for advice.... You could always throw some of your "time management" tips my way.

any words of WISDOM (or silliness) will be greatly appreciated!



PrettyBabyAccessories said...

LISTS, LISTS, LISTS! I am always writing myself a to-do or even a goal list to keep my mind focused. Each day, I say I am going to do X amount of items from my list. I like to do short term (1-2 weeks), mid term (5-6 months) and long term (1 year) goals to keep me on my path to success. I know that I will not always reach my goals in my time, but at least I was able to try and did get some things done in the meantime =)

As far as relaxing? I give myself at least ONE day to sleep in and just lounge without doing any hard core work.


Anonymous said...

wow, you drink interesting tea.
my way to relax is listening to music and strech a little. I do yoga on a regular basis, but when I need some extra time I just put on my favorite album of the moment and stretch. other times I garden, or bake a cake.

Nikki said...

I love a good movie at home, with ice cream. Of course the entire house needs go be clean, and the dogs tired before I can relax like that ;)

Green Eyed Cat said...

Hi Gina! :) This is Reema! Haha that rhymes. So relaxing tips..well I like taking cat naps with Coco when I'm exhausted and just need to power up.

And yes lists are a must! I also prioritize my list. To what HAS to be done vs what I can push back for a few days. If I get the musts done on my list, I feel productive!