Thursday, June 16, 2011


This Thursaday Fina is GRATEFUL for.....

  • My sore throat is all gone!

  • The sweet ladies i work with

  • Digiourno pizza and wine on Tuesday nights

  • Getting a little farther along in the wedding planning (it's in less then two months!)

  • The pretty gray color on my nails (i painted em myself!)

  • Waking up calm

  • Lattes from PEETS

What are you thankful for today???



Stacey said...

Wow! Your wedding is just around the corner! I'm thankful that i'm on summer break and i don't have to go to work!:-)

Busy Bee Suz said...

Your tilt list is excited FOR your wedding too.
Today, I am thankful for time with my girls and my niece!

Krystal said...

traveling! i hope you are doing well :) :) i just got back from some trips!

The Cat Hag said...

Such a great post, it's lovely to be thankful for all the great things, big or small, in our lives. :)

The Cat Hag

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