Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How About Today?

  • one day i will... get a better (paying) job.

  • one day i will... deal with "things".

  • one day i'll... make all of the appointments i need to make.

  • one day i'll... stay home doing fun housewifey stuff & BAKING instead of wandering mindlessly through random stores.

  • one day i will..... start working out (there is a FREE gym in my apartment community!)

  • one day i'll.... take a walk all by myself around the beautiful new town i live in.

  • one day... i'll get serious about reading the books stacked neatly under my (lovely ikea) night stand.

  • one day i will.... do yoga regularly.


Anna-Lisa said...

Sounds like me, my to do list is a mile long and instead I'm reading blogs and watching tv shows. lol

Krystal said...

just make it be today :p

Noodles and Waffles said...

I think today is a great day for a fresh start.

Go to your free gym and read one of those books while you cycle or walk on a treadmill - Kill two birds with one stone.