Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ambushed.... by apparel?

I have a shopping problem; I'm pretty sure I am not alone in this. I tell myself I'm done buying for awhile and then I'm innocently browsing through a store and articles of clothing literally jump off the racks and into my hands.Once one item has made the jump many others think it's safe to follow suit. Then a sneaky little invisible force shoves me in a dressing room, tears off my clothes and stuffs me into said articles. I can't help but glance in the mirror, after this there is no turning back. I take full responsibility for marching to the register and whipping out my debit card; everything that occurred prior to this was completely out of my hands. I really don't stand a chance against the ferocious jumping clothing and the dressing room ghosts. Has anyone else encountered these mysterious forces?

Online shopping has also become an issue, etsy is like a drug! I've also recently ordered some cds and books from amazon and cd baby. Someone help me...... Shouldn't i be concerned about the "recession"??

Soon my "piggy bank" will start complaining


Suz said...

Very FUNNY. I used to have this problem myself...I have taken the control back though.
Good luck to you. You may need a meeting or two at shoppers annonymous.
The economy needs more people like you though. Get help or get some freinds to join you. :)

d said...

Etsy is CRACK. All I do ALL day long is shop on BEST vintage EVER. Seriously.