Saturday, September 13, 2008


Last weekend i went to a little party @ my neighbor's sister's supercute new apt in the city. Lots of fun was had especially by me......... The following picture was taken @ appoximately 11:3o pm after only 2 drinks.


When did i become such a party pooper?? Im only 24..... i seriously fear for old age!

Here's one of Jenn & I while i was still awake and enjoying the party...


P.S my outfit that night rocked and was totally city appropriate, the pics do not do it justice <3


Anonymous said...

hahaha we still had fun even though you were sleeping at 11:30! and your outfit was most certainly fabulous...umm wish i could say the same for any of my clothes! ill have to come over and go shopping=)

Smileygirl said...

What was it you were drinking??? 32 ounce long island iced teas???

Just wait, 10 more years and you'll be out after 2 sips.

Clippy Mat said...

i think somebody must have spiked your drink there Gina :-)

Gina said...

i was drinking some homemade "flirtinis" i belive there was vodka && champagne in it

Suz said...

This is funny.
I commented on the "spankx" post and gave some advise on the posting of youtube videos. I hope it helps. I never know what the heck to do until someone clues me in.
Take care,