Friday, May 8, 2009

What to Do, What to Do

Lately I've been constantly thinking about what to do with my future career-wise.
Next May I'll graduate with a bachelors in psychology.... what should i do with it? There don't seem to be many (decent paying) options for me unless i continue on to graduate school. I'm not to sure if i really want to spend another few years in school though...

I'm super interested in what all of you lovely blog readers do for a living :)
Would you be so sweet as to comment & let me know?

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Busy Bee Suz said...

You are too cute.
You know what I do. I am a slave to my family. I mean, I am a domestic goddess. :) I do love my job though.
I went to cosmotology school after high school and was a hair stylist for many years. I did love it. I also did some work as an admin assistant. Also, loved that.
I never had a degree in anything...aside from my cosmo. license. Right now, you don't have too many choices. but I think in the future having your degree will come in handy!!! If you can swing it, I would go for more schooling. It is easier now than later. ;0 This I know for a fact.
Take care, Suz