Tuesday, August 12, 2008

APW Festival

On Sunday i went to the All Points West Festival @ Liberty Stae Park in Jersey City; it was soooo awesome!! Although it did rain a bit, running around a little drunk in plastic rain ponchos was really fun. Jack Johnson was the best part of the day, im so happy i finally got to see him live. He sounds exactly like he does on his cd, AMAZING :). I also enjoyed Matt Kosta, i never really heard his music before and i ended up liking it alot. He's supercute in a dorky way.

Did anybody else go to the festival? What did you think of it?

(who am i kidding there are about 3 people who read this blog and i know they weren't there! hehehe)

* pictures to follow


Willie said...

Yup you're right; I wasn't there (lol). Glad to hear you had a good time though.

ar33kid said...

how come you didn't tell me radiohead was headlining? all i heard was blah blah blah jack johnson is soooo cute and sensitive blah blah... must be this country music you've been listening to thats distorting your mind

cuzzie said...

the picture is so pretty. and yeah this was the festival that stole the one day i had with you away from me!! lol jk. glad you had a good time though aside from the rain!