Thursday, August 7, 2008


Has anyone heard of this site? I just found it about a week ago and i looove it! I compulsively purchased three items on my first visit. It's a website that brings together all kinds of different artists and the like to sell their stuff.

I all ready received a supercute ring and little kitty print.



I'm looking forward to getting these gorgeous peacock earrings.


Here's the link


Willie said...

If you like etsy, you should check out my friend Amy's stuff (I've known her since middle school). She designs and creates her own jewelry and I think she just opened up a store on etsy as well.

Her websites are:

If you like her stuff and happen to buy something, tell Amy that I refered her to you, ok? She'd be totally surprised!

Lesli said...

Love Etsy, love reading, love cats--I might be in competition with you as a young, crazy cat lady!