Monday, August 18, 2008

"I didn't know let let you smoke pot at fed ex"

Being the crazy cat lady that i am, upon arriving home from work this evening, i greeted ( & kissed) each and everyone of my cats ( & my kooky dog).

" Hi Gizmo"
"Hi Rocky"
"Hi Sammy"
"Hi Missy"
"Hi Mommy Cat"
"Hi Joey"
"Hi Lily"
"Hi Lucy"

My dad's greeting to me?

"I didn't know they let you smoke pot at fed ex"

* i do this most nights but maybe my parents aren't usually listening to my silliness

** i bet you wish you got such a warm welcome when you got home @ night


Anonymous said...

you are out of your mind!!

Willie said...

That's flippin' hilarious! That's just something I wouldn't expect him to say but hey, atleast he's got a sense of humor! =D