Thursday, October 7, 2010

my invisible love

ok here goes.

Alot of you answered love; I'm not surprised. I agree it is the most wonderful of the "invisibles".

The love i have for Rob is stronger then anything i ever thought possible.
I trust him more than i trust myself.
How could i not be ecstatic about marrying my best friend?
I look foward to coming home at night to a boy all cuddled up in bed, watching family guy or the Yankee game.
He acts like an excited 3 year old, when i walk in the bedroom, my heart bursts with "happies" every.single.time.
We've been friends for years.
We were "part time" best friends at work.
I wished deep down inside that one day he would be mine, this perfect,giving, sweet, caring, loving, understanding, funny,sillly boy.
I thought of how wonderful it would feel to be his girlfriend.
I "witnessed" (or overheard) him being treated terribly in his past relationship.
He was taken for granted; he was yelled at & ridiculous demands were placed upon him.
It hurt my heart to hear the frustration, hurt & anger in his voice during the many phone calls i overheard.
I knew i would never take him for granted.
His love is unconditional and stronger than ANYTHING i have ever know.
I knew that i would appreciate every second of time we would spend together "if" we ever got together.
He accepts every part of me (even the not so great parts).
I truly believe that we have taught each other how strong love can be.
I look foward to every tiny step and big leap we will take together into the future.
I even look foward to "fighting" over duvet covers & couches ;)
I used to think i did not want to marry a very "handsome" man, i thought i would be worried that other women would be "after him".
I laugh at this old thought now.
I know he would never hurt me, hurting me would hurt him to much.
The mean, scary monster that is jealousy has never stepped foot into our relationship.
We scoff at this monsters exsistence in way to many relationships.
That monster does not belong in ANY relationship, romantic or friendship.
Jealousy is not love.
Jealously kills love.

Our love is and always will be my favorite invisible.
Rob, I know you'll be reading this later (bc i'll tell you too! hehe).
Know that i mean every word i have written here.
I feel so much more than i have the writing abilities to express.
I know that i will never ever NEED another thing in my entire life.
I am so lucky.


gleenn said...

aw, that's very sweet. I'm so touched by this post. I do agree that there are great men out there and some of them are not being appreciated for being great. They to meet another great woman too. That being best friends is one important thing in a relationship. :)

hotel in bandung said...
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Claudz said...

Such a stunning, intense, honest post! We sure are lucky when we find this person in our lives!
You're so right, jealousy has no place in love. I don't think that when you find the kind of love you describe here, that there is room to be jealous. You become secure knowing that these strong ties bind you.

Thanks for putting this into words. I hurt me head nodding along. I get it!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Aw this is so incredibly sweet!


I have chills! That's the sweetest, most honest, heartwarming, real thing I've read. You write so beautifully, Gina.

Have a wonderful weekend. SOunds like you have a great one planned. And yes I've been to Four many, many times. I always go with my many cousins and sister who still live on the Island. It's our usual bday meet up place. My sister and I even took my Dad for his 60th bday back in July cause all he wanted to do is go to a club. LOL


Stacey said...

So eloquently written and dripping with honest emotions! An inspiring post Gina and i love it!! Beautiful:-). XX

Becca said...

Aw. Thanks for getting back to us about your answer!
This is so so sweet and heartfelt, Gina.

Anonymous said...

This is so sweet I could cry. I never had a love like that!! You are both very lucky. I am so happy when I hear about happy couples, people seem to be all about divorce, lately. Too many people in search for the perfect love that comes easy, with no effort. Perfection is not from this planet nad easy things are annoying, do these people know this?
kisses, you both have the greatest weekend.

i have made a page for our swimmers challenge, i am happy you are with us!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

So beautiful and honest!!!!
May you have a lifetime of love together.

ag. said...

This is an incredibly beautiful post. It's so sweet. Makes me want to run home right now to my husband and tell him how much I love him.

highspeed said...

....can't stop smiling!! I think you've just written your vows :)

Krystal said...

awwwww, this is so...amazing. It makes me happy that you get to have this kind of relationship because you are so awesome and you deserve it!

The Tall one said...

What a beautiful post little one.You're right, you are lucky... but hes LUCKY too. I think you should print this post and put it on the fridge of your new apartment.

Ps. Do they have a major at your school for blogging??

Gina said...

:) i <3 the tall one

michelle_ said...

im very touched by this post ! the words are soooo sweet and totally relate-able :)

thanks for the sweet comments !

iloveyouvalentine said...

this is very sweet and inspirational.
you're very lucky to have found that person to which you dedicate these wonderful words too :)

if you get a chance, please visit my blog! i'm now you're latest follower.

Diana Mieczan said...

Ohhh that is so sweet..and I agree love is the best and if you can share it with someone who loves you so much...that is a amazing!
Happy Monday,my dear

Valerie said...

Gina, this is so sweet and touching. It's always amazing to see such pure and genuine love between two people. I'm happy that you and Rob have found that in each other!


Lisa Griffin said...

awwwww that's so sweet and he's a lucky guy to have you!

Fé... said...

You lucky girl! It's great that you don't take it for granted and really really aware of it and come to appreciate it! Thanks for sharing....

Rocker Chic said...

this is so special and sweet thanks for sharing this. I aspire to find love like this one day

Just Sweet Love said...

this post gave me goosebumps. so heartfelt and so personal, thank you so much for sharing that with us.

i love it. xx