Saturday, October 25, 2008

Click, Chomp, Snort UGH!!!

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning in my research methods class i am subjected to a barrage of irksome noises. To my left we have the relentless texter; the entire duration of class (70 mins) i hear click click click click click. Next up, to my right we have the gum chewer, chomp chomp chomp chomp chomp, with the occasional SNAP thrown in. Maybe i could handle these two if it weren't for the third and utterly intolerable noise..... the heavy breather! Now maybe she has asthma or some other physical ailment but i just CAN NOT deal with the constant and continuous half snore half snort like noises emanating from her direction. Sometimes i seriously want to smack her! Am i evil? At times i have to restrain my self from throwing my books in the air and screaming at them all! Right about now you're probably thinking i need to relax... believe me i try but my entire life i have been very easily irritated by tiny noises, I can't help it!

What noises annoy you?

I need to know I'm not the ONLY KOOK who gets seriously annoyed by teensy little sounds.

I'm not..... right??

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BusyBeeSuz said...

Funny. I am a constant gum chewer, but quiet. really.
I am completly annoyed by loud can hear every chew, bite and see it with a mouth wide open. SO GROSS!!!

C said...

thanks for visiting my blog! nice to meet new friends on here.
i hate the noises some one makes as they chew gum with their mouth open and you hear that sapping sound.... also hate the sound of mayo being mixed into canned tuna, the grinding of teeth, the crunching noises a person makes as they eat ice cubes, and other crunchy things... the sipper of coffee, siiiiiiiiip siiiiiiiiippp.. and the sound of some one swallowing snot as they such it up their nose. i know theres more but this is all i can think of, for now. oh, i guess the worst noise that i hate and it literally makes me puke is the sound of phlem being suctioned from a patients trach or throat. i feel queesy even writing that and if i hear it, i throw up in my mouth....YUK. yep that would be the worst.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with "C", the worst being the phlegm. Listening to someone try to get every mass of snot out of their nose, throat and chest...then proceed to spit that hot mess is just disgusting. Lucky me, I have encountered quite a few females in my time here in the military that along with the males, do not have a problem trying to clear their entire system through one big giant snort...followed by the half swallow with the finally being spitting it on the ground. Also lilmissfina…..I agree, the gum smacker is not far behind. Every other second it’s snap…snap . Other than that, not many noises annoy me; it’s people’s voices. You know who I’m talking about, those who either have a whine in their voice, or over use the up-word inflection.

Clippy Mat said...

you are not alone!
sometimes the noises emanating from other people are OVERWHELMING and some days i don't notice a thing. funn that.
depends on how sensitive i'm feeling.
i have some students who slurp, some who breathe heavily and one who humms...
i am a very patient woman.