Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Galoshes is(/are?) a Fun Word <3

The forecast for Long Island today is..... YUCKY!!!

"Windy with periods of rain. Thunder is possible early. High 52F. NNE winds shifting to WNW at 25 to 35 mph. Additional rainfall possibly over one inch."

Yuck Yuck and double Yuck.

Today would be tolerable if only i had my new rain boots...

plaid rain boot

Cute right?

I purchased them @ Nordstroms yesterday but the only pair they had in a six were the floor display which had some scratches on them. I had no choice but to order them and wait an agonizing week or so for them to arrive!

Nothing is less fun then handing over your money at the register and walking away with a mere receipt!

All i can say is it better rain the day after i receive these boots!!


BusyBeeSuz said...

Those are cute. You need them in that weather for sure.
I also hate paying for something if I can't touch it instantly. Makes me crazy!!!!

Jenny Jen said...

Super cute.. how much were these lovely boots. My magic boots did not fit my outfit today .. so i had to leave them behind.

Courtney B. said...

They are fabulous...glad you found something you liked....oh and jenny jen....they are magic boats NOT boots!

Anonymous said...

Never heard of Galoshes.....but yeah, the word is fantastic. We were given a pair of those too!! The Army calls them overshoes; They are all black...I love running around like I am six years old, jumping in puddles...so be ready!