Sunday, October 26, 2008

Watch Your Mouth!

“Profanity is the attempt of a lazy and feeble mind to express itself forcefully”


I really like this. I am in no way claiming to never use profanity, i don't think anyone can really say that. I usually only curse when I'm really frustrated or i stub my toe or get a horrendous paper-cut (or maybe when i get the occasional bout of road rage.... but that doesn't really count b/c no one can hear me!!). That said, i still think it sounds a bit ignorant.

I like to have fun with words! I suppose I'm a bit geeky in that i get excited about learning new words or new uses for old words.

Next time something (or someone) makes you mad try screaming a ridiculously silly word instead of the usual four letter word.
You just might make yourself laugh and forget why you got angry in the first place!

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Twenty Four At Heart said...

Yeah, I've got a potty pen. Not a potty mouth becuz I rarely swear out loud. I do, however, swear in my writing all the time. Go figure!

BusyBeeSuz said...

I agree with this. I try to keep mine at a minimum. In writing and speaking..I have kids for heavens sake..there is nothing worse than being in public and hearing someone, old or young using horrible language. It only makes them sound stupid.
Driving???? Oh, yeah...
"Get out of my way you sour pickle eaters."
"Move faster you 3 toed hairy sloths."
Makes everyone in the car laugh.

Lesli said...

I like this post! I am a geek about words, too and learning new words and finding new uses for old words. I love Busybeesuz's comment too!

Okay, so I do swear every now and again, but only if I am really, really upset and then I like to use the F word. But normally and in everyday language, I think it makes you sound very un-classy and that is not a good thing!

KendalRae said...

I am a recovering curse word addict. I've been sober now for a few days. Which is a big deal b/c it used to be only minutes in between my language bursts and tirades. Usually words fall out of my mouth when i'm going a million miles a minute and don't think about things before i say them. LOL! And I have to say, props for being a cat lady. I actually have a blog called the twenty-something cat lady. You should check it out. :D

Willie said...

Great blog Gina! I agree ;)

I remember in high school a friend asked me, "If you were to be cast in a movie and were paid a lot of money to cuss, would you?" and I simply replied, "No" and they were in shock. Fast forward 10 years later ... I might possibly ... depending on certain factors.

I hold in all my yelling when I get hurt ... and then secretly scream into a pillow afterwards (lol)!