Monday, October 6, 2008

Kate Voegele

It's taken me quite some time to post this pic b/c i was waiting to get it from a friend who had it on her camera...

Soooo here's me and Kate!!!! wooohoooooo :)


Here's my bestest bud Jen and I excitedly showing off our after-show passes


Aren't we cute w/ our scarves?!?!!


Suz said...

How great. And Yes, the scarves are adorable as well as you and bf!!!

Anonymous said...

This is super cute.. im very excited to finally be on your blog!!

marisol said...

Fun times!

Anonymous said...

ummm when the heck did you see her? i like her!!! you better invite me next time... <3 the girl that always invites you to the best concerts-jd