Friday, October 10, 2008

Finally Got Some Cuddle Time <3

This past weekend i went to South Carolina for Rob's boot camp graduation. Southern people are sooooo polite, i was actually called Ma'am a few times!



Needless to say i was ridiculously excited to finally spend some to with him, not to mention superproud of my "soulja boy" :).

Doesn't he look so handsome in his camo?

Oh yeah...... yipppeee for finally ending the two months of celibacy!!! hehe

Boooo for a few more months of it while he's away at OCS ( Officer Candidate School), i can do it though, I'm a good little girlfriend!


Suz said...

So happy you got to visit. That is hard, being in love and separated.
Congrats on him graduating...where is he off to next???
You guys look so cute and yes, he is very handsome in his duds.

leezee52 said...

Sooo sweet!

marisol said...

Hot couple alert!

Clippy Mat said...

soldja boy: :-))))
he's a real true hero.
give him a medal from me.
(even tho' he got the 'end of celibacy' one.)
he is real.
God Bless Him
and keep him safe.

Twenty Four At Heart said...

You make a great couple! Great photos and I'm glad you got some time together.

Your.....HighSpeed Warrior said...

"Two days in heaven just ain't gonna do" and I can't wait to come home in January cause i "just got started loving you".......

Your.....HighSpeed Warrior said...

The blog looks great.... I love reading about the life of MY lilmissfina! I'll work on the wishlist:) how's this spelling.. CanOOdeliN'