Sunday, December 14, 2008

False Impressions

Last night i went into the city w/ my neighbor Jenn for her sister Kristina's birthday. We had a really good time, there was a big group of her friends and we had a nice dinner at a little Italian restaurant, then we went bowling at the port authority. I bowl terribly by the way... 55 was my "high score" ha. Anyway a rather amusing thing happened to me early in the evening. Jenn and I got to Penn at around 6:45 and our dinner reservation wasn't until 7:30. We decided to grab a drink at Fridays. I was sitting there drinking my yummy yet strong mudslide martini when a girl leans over and says i look familiar. I didn't recognize her at all. After the usual " where do i know you from questions" she finally said " OH! Do you date Rob?" So i got all excited and was like "yeah he's my boyfriend! How do you know him" anyways she gave me a BS story about knowing him from back home upstate new york and stupid, tipsy me started blabbing on and on giving out all kinds of info about him like when he comes home, where he will be stationed blah blah blah. Then i started to wonder how she recognized ME. She said myspace or facebook, hmmmm even if she knew Rob from back home why would this random girl recognize me " from myspace". Finally after she left i texted Rob saying i just met this nice girl he knows from back home.... named Kim. Turns out the only blond haired "Kim" he knows is his ex girlfriends sister! So OK the girl lied to get info on me for her sister, i suppose I'd do the same for a friend. ( this also means his ex is stalking me on myspace and showing my pictures to her sis which is pretty amusing). The not so good part is that at the end of the convo i leaned over to my "lovely new friend Kim" and said " when you first recognized me i was nervous you were one of his ex girlfriends friends.... and she's a little CRAZY".

So i told this girl that her sister is crazy......

I know this story was a little long and drawn out but i just can't believe it happened and had to write about it!

Here are some pics of the FUN stuff from last night! :)



MadWoman said...

Well she must be a weeeee bit crazy to be showing your pics to people in the hopes that they run into you. But HA to're the one who has him.

Looks like a fun night.

cousin said...

ha ha ha. oh well what do you care, she is crazy and she's just jealous of your happiness!

Clippy Mat said...

sounds like a right nutter.
and who does that? she's not very nice.
but you are.
cute pics.
glad you had a good time apart from the bunny boiler.

C said...

be secure and strong in what you have with rob. nothing can touch that if you dont let it.

um, yeah, whatta BIMBO that girl is.

dAkBaiK said...

hello :)