Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Yummy Food

* See previous post where i gush about Sunday night's dinner.

Feeling Happy

*Letting any tiny thing boost my mood :).

Having Goals

*I'm so proud of myself for going back to school, I really enjoy it and am glad I'm heading in the right direction.

This beautiful scarf

*I just ordered it on etsy and I am so excited I can't wait to get it. I'm kinda broke and shouldn't be buying myself anything when I need to buy Christmas presents buuuuut, I just HAD to have it :). The seller is a supersweet lady; check out her store (!


My Friends

* They are a diverse and fabulous bunch, always there for me in many different ways. I
tiny heart Pictures, Images and Photos you Jen, Erin, Melissa, Jenn, Courtney & Nicole :).

What are YOU loving on this fabulous Thursday??


MadWoman said...

I'm loving the fact that I get to go home in half an hour and SLEEP for most of the day. I'm ignoring the fact that I then have to work again tonight...because just the sheer idea of sleeping is enough to send me over the age.

Happy Almost-Friday!

erin said...

awwe thanks g! Love you <3

erin said...

what does T*I*L*T mean? It is probably obvious but I haven't figured it out so I minus well jusk ask....

Anonymous said...

Can't help but just smile as I read through your blog...see :) :)