Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ice Princess

I spent this past weekend up in Rochester with Rob and his family. I was expecting it to be really cold but it turned out to be freakishly warm (read: about 50 degrees). On Monday morning Rob and i went ice skating.

Did i mention i can't roller skate or roller blade? Needless to say my first attempts on the ice were laughable.I observed some small children learning to skate with little skating bar thingys, a large sign declared these were only for the use of children five and under, are there really no other 24 year old girls who would benefit from the assistance of a skating bar??

On top of my lack of skill, i was wearing his mom skates, we have the same size foot but hers must be really narrow because after about 5 minutes my tootsies were in severe pain!I was sooo nervous and wobbly, Rob just slowing pulled me around while little 5 years olds expertly skated past, at one point a woman skated by and said " Oh she must be from down south" ha. I've never considered Long Island to be " down south" but i guess to the skilled skaters that inhabit the Rochester area it appeared that i had possibly never seen snow or ice before ;).

While we were sitting down with some hot chocolate a lovely lady came over and told us her 13 year old daughter thought we were the cutest couple and hopes to be just like us one day when she starts dating.

That really made me smile big :).

As i watched Rob skate around on his own for a bit, i felt all warm, fuzzy and lovey dovey inside.

He really is the sweetest guy i have ever known, staring in his gorgeous eyes as he guided me around the rink made the pain and minor embarrassment absolutely worth it.

*I have visions of one day, gracefully and beautifully gliding across the ice on my own..... though i have a pretty good feeling they will stay just that, happy little far fetched visions in my head!



Clippy Mat said...

that is so cute. i can just picture the pair of you. you can practice next time he goes away and surprise him when he comes back.
Have a lovely New Year.
best wishes,
Pat :-)

C said...

i LOVE that cartoone! may i steal it? i wont if you say no.

you guys sound SO cute. i hope you have a wonderful new years eve.



Jason said...

Aww, how sweet. Too bad he is still cheating on you with her...

Gina said...

why hello "jason" please don't ruin my blog w/ your negativity :)

C said...

hey gina, is this jason bothering you?????
cuz i KNOW a guy....
just say the word, and he wont be leaving you any more negative messages. some peole are SO jealously immature....


Willie said...


Now that cartoon picture was hilarious but think of it this way: If you put your mind to it and feel it in your body as well, you can accomplish anything you want at anytime. So, if you feel and know you'll be able to ice skate, then you will; just keep imagining it as if that moment were already here! Simple as that! I'll have to share the secret with you sometime. ;)