Thursday, January 1, 2009

TILT 1/1/09

*starting a truly blissful year, right........... NOW!

Working out
*really excited about my new gym membership, maybe I'll finally get the totally buff and toned arms I've been coveting ;)

* Next week I'm off from work and I'll be heading to Georgia for a few days for a formal dinner and then Rob Graduates from OCS !

* Got some books for Christmas, loads of happy reading moments will be squeezed in whenever possible

*Start off the new year right, you can be, have or do anything your heart desires*


Smileygirl said...

I just realized by reading this post that it is Thursday. I've been thinking it was Sunday all day until now! Thanks!

Happy working out, happy travels and happy reading.
Oh and happy new year too!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Much to be thankful for!!!!
Happy new year!!!!!

and yeah, I forgot it was Thursday too. :)

marisol said...

Happy 2009!

What books did you get?