Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"Fat", "Skinny"... How About Happy & Healthy?

A few days ago I stumbled upon a blog called "The Skinny Website", if you've never heard of it, it's a blog where they obsess over whether or not a celebrity has recently gained or lost a few pounds. These pictures of Jessica Simpson were posted:



Now I think she is a BEAUTIFUL girl with an amazing body. I do think the pants and belt are a tad too tight and unflattering. Maybe she has gained like 5 pounds or something insignificant like that.

The comments people left about these pictures made me sick.

Numerous people said she looked "fat" , "unhealthy" & she had " let herself go" , can they really be serious?

It is SO sad how obsessed we all are about weight, myself included.

Lately I've been a little stressed out and find myself worried about gaining weight, but if i gained a few pounds..... would it really be so bad? Would my life be over ? No,I'd still be me, and i should be happy with who i am as long as I'm healthy. Why do we all find it so hard to be happy with ourselves?

My goal is to stop worrying about insignificant things like calories consumed and pounds on my waist and instead focus on how good i feel after a workout and how strong i am.

Do you have any tips on blocking the "mean" voices in your head that criticize what you eat or "tell you" you might gain weight?

Are you as sick of the obsession as i am?


Busy Bee Suz said...

aggghhh...that is what is wrong with society today..too much emphasis is put on our OUTSIDES. Not enough on the inside.
being a good person is the most important part of life,,,not our weight. I have to keep reminding myself of this too....

highspeed said...

ummm, as far blocking the voices...nope I just listen to them:) Seriously though, you are right, the worrying about calorie and carb count can be too stressful; on the other hand there are those and some that find balance in it; mind and body. Concentrating on how you feel is after a great work out, sounds like a good start towards your goal. I think many find it so hard to be happy with themselves because we think we are not what another person either continuously wants or is looking for.

Anonymous said...

Gina, I appreciate this post so much-and I applaud you for stepping up and saying what really needs to be said! I know that I have days where I'm tougher on myself than I should be so I'm trying to look at things this way: I view food as fuel for my body. Of course I'll never be able to give up chocolate or icecream but I tend to eat better when I think about how it'll make me have more energy at the gym later!

Lesli said...

Yes, I am sick of the obsession with weight. Jessica Simpson looks fabulous and beautiful and curvy. And healthy. When was stick skinny ever healthy? But, having said that, I am like everyone else-wanting to lose 10 pounds, obsessing about calories and diets and exercise--ugh!!! I would love to have some peace.

Clippy Mat said...

i agree with you and suz. too much talk about our outside and not enough emphasis on inner beauty. WHO we are is much more important that what we look like.


C said...

society pressures us in so many ways to be "perfect" and skinny. no one is perfect. and i'd rather feel good, healthy, and happy inside than worry about my weight. jessica is beautiful whether she is a few pounds over weight or not.
she says she loves to eat.
i do too.


Angie said...

I think she looks great! Not the best pants....but great!

Be happy on the inside and the outside will be happy too! :)

Roberto said...

If weight was all that mattered, then we should all worship Amy Winehouse.

Jenny said...

I am utterly outraged with the comments that these people left. To think there are so many shallow people is quite disturbing. Inner body is all that counts but somehow all of our efforts go to our outer apperances. After reading your blog today im feeling a bit wonderful about myself. Thank you for inspiring me today! ( I hope this was a little bit more effort for you):)
ps. Have a WONDERFUL weekend!