Thursday, January 22, 2009

TILT : Thursday Lovies

Shrek :The Musical * Rob got us tickets for Saturday night! We are sitting sixth row, right in the center; obviously I'm super excited :)

Finding New Blogs * Almost everyday i stumble upon a new interesting blog, i have way too much fun with this!

My Cats * What can i say? My fate has been sealed, i will forever be a crazy cat lady.....

Starting Classes Today * As you read this I'll be soaking up all kinds of delightful psychology related tid bits!

Cuddling * I don't think an explanation is necessary, who doesn't love to cuddle? I actually prefer/enjoy the term canoodle.

Coupons * Is it weird that i enjoy cutting and using coupons? ;) hehe. A good deal always makes my day!


Busy Bee Suz said...

I love shrek...the musical should be great!!!! sweet. i would not expect anything less than that sort of word from you. ;0
cat crack me up.

Smileygirl said...

Do you need a Blog Intervention? Enjoy your classes and your kitties! At least you can cuddle with them while reading all your blogs!

Annabelle said...

Wow! Shrek the Musical, how cool! That would be so much fun, and row 6 is great! I love trawling for new blogs too - and I really like yours :-)

Anonymous said...

canoodlin' is my favorite!!

cousin said...

i've started using that word since I heard you say it one time! i love canoodling as well!

Clippy Mat said...

you coupon clipping cuddling canoodler you.
enjoy shrek.

C said...

shrek the musical should be fantastic. enjoy and let us know the details afterwards...!


Anonymous said...

Great list! I love reading new blogs and finding people who share my interests. And I LOVE coupon cutting too! My friends make fun of me but saving $10+ on groceries in college is HUGE.

Hope you have a wonderful time at the Shrek musical tomorrow night-I can only imagine how fun that'll be!