Thursday, January 29, 2009


Finding New Recipe's
*Lately I've been getting really excited about cooking and baking. Last weekend i made the most delicious banana coffee cake w/ chocolate chips. IT. WAS. AMAZING. Thanks are in order to Megan over at sweet n low for the recipe! I want to start trying new and healthy foods and am going to try to make a yummy dinner at least once a week, that doesn't sound like much but i work nights and usually end up eating cereal or whatever is around when i get home from work ;)

Realizing It's the Little Simple Things That Matter
*A few days ago i made a list of the things i want/want to do. There were a few material items on the list, but what made me really happy was seeing that 80% of the list was made up of FREE things/actvities/ actions.

The Return of Nip/Tuck & Big Love
*Oh how i just adore these shows!! Nip/Tuck provides, sexy men(there is a distinct possibility that i have entertained very private thoughts involving Dr. Christian Try hehe) along with endless drama and sometimes it makes me laugh like a hyena! Big Love is just so captivating, i can't help but be drawn into the strange, strange world of that big family.

I heart how deleriously happy this little kitty looks!

* if you would like to enjoy some more adorable kitty pics check out this fab flickr account:


I hope you all have a EXTRAORDINARY Thursday.


Crazy Mo said...

Lists are great ... unfortunately I'm all about making the list, not necessarily doing anything about the items on said list.

C said...

good recipes warm the heart as well as the tummy. lists have thier place and i do use them in certain situations.


Anonymous said...

That kitten photo is just too cute! I have to of my own and this makes me want to go take pictures of them. And I'm so glad you made that coffee cake, it barely lasted 2 days in my house!
Have a great weekend Gina!

Anonymous said...

The kitty is such a cutie! :-)