Friday, January 23, 2009

It's mid winter & i feel the need to pamper myself.

Sooo, I'm on the lookout for a fabulous, yummy smelling body scrub that will leave my skin silky smooth.
(haha, have you seen Don't Mess With The Zohan??)

Preferably one that is not toooo expensive.

Which one of you lovelies would like to recommend your favorite one?

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Smileygirl said...

I've been using Aveeno's moisturizing body wash and I do like it, though it's not a scrub. There was a tub of scrub I saw at Target that smelled soooo good but I can't remember the name. It was one of those new earthy type brands, cool packaging too and I want to say it was papaya nut or something? Not too fruity but sooooo good. I should probably go back to Target and get it for the winter too!

C said...

i use caress bar soap and now they have a pomegranite flavor that actually has ground up pomegranite seeds in the soap so it loofas you as you wash your skin with it. it smells SO good. i am addicted to it. i no longer feel clean unless i use it. try it, it's cheap, and it works!

sure, anytime toots....


Lesli said...

Dylan's Candy Bar Ice Cream Sugar Scrub in Chocolate Cupcake. It smells like cupcakes & looks like ice cream and comes in a little ice cream container. It is very exfoliating and moisturizing...and like the name sounds, it smells good enough to eat! Not sure how much I paid for it--I found it at Sephora at Christmas.

Dallas Shaw said...

Mickael Blake has this line called ubh, like "you be healthy" and it's made with all flowers and herbs. all natural and it makes you feel better- smells like heaven too. You should see if they have an exfloiator. Their other products are a-ma-zing. swear!

Twenty Four At Heart said...

Wow - let me know what you learn. I could use a good scrub too. I've recently been trying hope in a jar moisturizing cream and I looooove it. (It was a gift.) I could use a good scrub to go with it!