Wednesday, December 10, 2008

TILT 12/11/08

* This is a pretty obvious fave of mine. The scarf i mentioned last week just arrived yesterday and it is sooo pretty. I'm eager to incorporate it into an outfit. Annnd i just got a message saying my purse was shipped out today, so i should be sashaying around with it by this weekend! If you haven't checked out yet.... what are you waiting for!!??

Extra, unexpected niceness
* I love when people are extra friendly and I think just being plain old nice to EVERYONE you encounter is often overlooked. Holding the door for an extra few seconds or giving away a few smiles makes the day to day much more well.... nice :).

* Squirrel is one of my kooky kitties. When i first got her about three years ago she was a terrified little thing and i couldn't even pick her up, let alone pet her ( hence the name "squirrel"). Now she is super cuddly and snuggles up with me every night keeping me all warm and toasty. I fall asleep to her adorably loud, yet comforting purr every night.

All the amazing blogs i follow
*Every day i look foward to seeing whats been posted and i get all excited when i stumble upon a new, cute blog! I also get SUPER EXCITED when someone new reads my lil blog and leaves a comment :) :)

That my parents pay my cell phone bill && my car insurance!
* I know im 24 and should be able to do this on my own, i am quite grateful to them for helping me out in this way. How else could i support my crazy spending habits!! (Now before you all go on thinking im a spolied little brat (hehe), i DO make my own car payments every month & im paying for all of my schooling.) Anyways, THANK YOU MOM & DAD!

So these are the little things im loving this week, i'd love to hear about anything that made YOUR week brighter!



Busy Bee Suz said...

This is very sweet. This week I am thankful for many husband getting the Christmas stuff down from the attic....My kids helping w/ household chores....but what I am NOT happy about is my 12 year old going over her texting limit by 800!!!!!! and costing me an extra $120.00 this month. yeah, I am going to lose it......

deep_in_vogue said...

Sweet post! I love Etsy as well, it's such a great place! You should check out my store if you have the chance. Kiss

Rachel said...

Etsy is on my love list this week as well! The sellers are awesomely sweet.
I'm also thankful to have my BF done with school for the quarter, so we get a bit more time together.

marisol said...

Etsy is a dangerous place.

Clippy Mat said...

i like the unexpected niceness too. it makes you stop and think and then want to do the same.