Monday, December 1, 2008

Tasty Tapas

Last night i had the absolute most yummiest dinner I've had in a long time! My friend Courtney & I went into the city to see an old friend of her's sing some lovely songs and play his guitar @ Arlene's Basement on Stanton St. His name is Bobby Doran, he's quite good if ya wanna check him out.( )Court's sister suggested we eat at a place called Stanton Social. It was a super cozy little candlelit place & they served tapas style dishes. Everything we ordered was DELISH!! Seriously i am NOT OVEREXAGERATING!

**We had cornmeal corndog crabcakes, french onion soup dumplings, sweet potato butternut squash raviolis, and some tasty meatballs.**

Yum YUM & Yum!

Im getting hungry again just thinking about it, i can't wait to go back :)

If your ever in the area you should def give it a try <3


Busy Bee Suz said...

Sounds delish...I could nibble on those goodies all night long.

Clippy Mat said...

did you bring a doggy bag home?
it sounds fab.

Anonymous said...

I hope to go back with you...any dessert????