Thursday, March 5, 2009

Things I Love Thursday


Photo: Rakeem Cunningham

Talking to my cats as if they are human
*I know I'm not the only one who does this! Rob is waiting for the day they reply to me... ;)

Peanut Butter
* No explanation needed right? I especially love it with apples & bananas!

* I like words, i like new and interesting words, it's fun ;) try it out!

Shopping @ Whole Foods
* I have a serious thing for fancy schmancy supermarkets, everyone is so polite and helpful there. I really enjoy exploring the aisles, for new & interesting foods. (have you ever been to a wegmans?? it's superfun there but sadly there are none anywhere close to me)

Stacy's Pita Chips
* OH MAN these are delish! I bought two bags of the multigrain ones (@ whole foods one sale for $5, is it just me or does $5 for two little bags of chips not really seem like a "sale" ?)anyways, the bags disappeared astonishingly fast, i may or may not have eatin an ENTIRE bag in ONE day!


MadWoman said...

I talk to my cat all the time, I don't see the issue. As it happens, both Tigger and I like Peanut Butter!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I also talk to my cats, but I have a feeling I don't say the same things to mine as you do. perhaps that is why they pee on my laundry? :)
Peanut butter is a gift from God. I also love learning new words...and vocabulary, the problem with me is I forget the words almost instantly. really. I have no space in my brain for any new stuff. very sad.

Wanderlusting said...

Love all - except I don't have cats. But I would talk to dogs like that.

Whole Foods is expensive awesomness. PB and apples are my fav. Stacey's pita chips ROCK. And being an ex-craptastic journalist, a thesaurus is my best friend.

If you really love new words, try that "word of the day" email. Loads of bemusement!

highspeed said...

I hope you love this thursday even more....because it's shoe buying thursday!!!!!

cousin said...

My boyfriend absolutely loves whole food, he dragged me around once for an hour just going up and down the aisles looking at everything, and their cooked food looks so delish!

p.s. thanks for the card, i miss you!

Budget Babe said...

I talk to my dog allll the time. I also love Whole Paycheck, I definitely learn something new each time I go. :)