Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tiny Treat

Today i did something i haven't done in quite some time.

Over two months actually.

What is it i haven't done since the beginning of January you ask?

I made a purchase!

I've been supertight with $$ lately.

Sadly, frivolous weekly shopping, with the exception of grocery shopping, which i do really enjoy ;), has ceased.

Buut, today every single one of my classes was cancelled, i had to find something to do with my time...

So i browsed a few stores and made one tiny little purchase.


This bright green cardigan is perfect to kick off the beginning of spring!

It was on clearance for 10 bucks at Old Navy, So i got a much needed shopping fix with no damage to my budget! :) woooohoooo


Smileygirl said...

Oh good golly I love it! Your tiny little purchase is adorable! And will get you in that spring time spirit no matter what the weather. Such a great deal too. I love the bargains at Old Navy. Long sleeve tees for 4.99 are my FAV!!!

Crazy Mo said...

Helluva deal! Isn't that the best? Being able to fulfill the spending urge, getting something pretty and not really spending anything at all. Perfect!

MadWoman said...

Oh that is a sweet little cardigan! And for $10? You can't even get buyers remorse for that cheap. That's a great purchase! Good for you.

Now see if *I* wore that, I'd look like the tree that the leaves came from. :)

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

this is so pretty! perfect for spring :)

ps, my word verification says "spent",

Lynne said...

I love that cardigan - and it's a total bargain! You deserve it, I'm sure.

Hanako66 said...

what an adorable cardi!