Thursday, August 5, 2010

tilt 8/5/10

Today's Loves.

1- Green lights when I'm running late.

2- Taking a nap cuddled up with a kitty, or two.

3- All of the super sweet comments I received on yesterdays post. :) :)

4- Making my own stations on Pandora.

5- We are leaving for vacation in 9 days!!! wheeee

6- Meeting a kitty cat brother and sister duet who's names are peanut butter & jelly!

7- Patiently awaiting my 3 etsy purchases to arrive in the mail, well ok maybe not very patiently.(these were obviously purchased before my no spending challenge)

8- Looking foward to a habachi dinner tomorrow night for my best friendly's brithday & wearing a new dress. (notice how i conviently made a bunch of purchases right before my no spending oath!)





Melissa said...

Oooh, what a fun list! Have fun with everything that's coming up. I'm totally with you on the green light thing, too.

the chirpy bird said...

all great loves!! gotta love the green light though!

Krystal said...

PS i'm on a no spending thing this month too! and probably maybe even next month :)

Zabrinah said...

Lovely post. I like it a lot.

Who doesn't enjoy creating stations on Pandora!?!

It's the best!

Best wishes from one blogger to another,