Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Gimme, Gimme Some Spring!

Browsing through the many lovely photos on Flickr, one may come to the conclusion that snow is a beautiful & wondrous occurrence....


Photo: Katie Pritchard

This does look gorgeous, but it's NOT what i see outside everyday! I'm utterly and completely done with winter. I am very very ready for a cheerful SPRING.

Who's with me?? & What are you most looking foward to this spring?


C said...

this is what i want. i want a huge blizzard that will shut the town down...... OR i want it to fucking warm up and dry the ground cuz i'm sick and tired of the dirty puppy paws in my kitchen.... i am looking forward to spring to get my bike out and ride with my friends. regular bike, not motor bike. that is, IF my arm heals and IF i can ride again. also, then i crave the heat for summer. we have a pool and i cant wait to be once again floatin in it.


thepeartreeblog said...

Don't worry, Spring will follow very soon.

I love the Winter. I love the rain and the snow.

The picture is awesome. :-)