Friday, February 6, 2009

Your Assistance Is Requested!

My boyfriend has offered to buy me a handbag for Valentines Day!
woooooo hoooooooo
But i need help, i have been searching online for days and still haven't found anything i like :(
I've set a limit of $300.
I want a big, roomy, soft leather bag.
I'm open to different colors, thinking maybe brown, blue, or gray.
Definitely NOT black.
Is this too much to ask for?
Who can help?? This is obviously a very pressing and time sensitive matter...


MadWoman said...

Ohhh I'll keep my eyes open. I love purses & handbags (apparently there's some subtle difference I didn't know about).

Jenny said...

Why don't you just get the bag that on your wish list??

easy to miss dot com said...

Try Etsy! I think TheLeatherStore may be the answer! I looked & instantly found a few I liked... Maybe you like one? (And all well under budget! Maybe you can have two! haha)

Fashion Therapist said...

Makowski has some great colorful bags out right now all under $300

You are my fave... said...

Oh, lucky. I don't have any suggestions sorry but I'm excited to see what you end up getting.