Saturday, July 31, 2010

perfect strangers

Last night Rob & I were reminiscing about shows we watched as kids.

I remembered this show and started hysterically laughing.

Rob had no idea what I was talking about & all I could remember is that it was about two Greek guys & one was named "Balki".

I remember loving this show as a kid, it was ridiculously funny.

Did you ever watch it?


Krystal said...

i remember balki! and then there was alf. and rumpelstiltskin =)

Wild and Precious said...

I LOVED that show!!! we called it the Balki show. wow. blast from the past... goes perfectly with the fact that i watched fraggle rock this morning!!
have a fab rest of your weekend

rachel said...

I never watched it, but it looks AWESOME.

Lynzy said...

I am visiting from O my Darling's blog!! I saw that you were involved in her Dear Darlings' penpal project, as am I :)

xo Lynzy

Lara said...

Balki rocked. I used to love that show and for a while after it ended, it was on reruns.

Connie @ SogniESorrisi said...

I did! When I used to go home for lunch when I was a kid it used to be on. This and "Out of This World".

Krystal said...

ohhh it was just some random cartoon fairytale maybe...we were talking about it a couple weeks ago actually and i keep meaning to look it up again!

Maria said...

Wow, I almost forgot about that show! It was sooo funny :-D

Jen said...

Did I watch it?? OF COURSE!! This was like my favorite show back in the day! Balki was nuts!... but my favorite character ;-) And didn't they run a store or something? Help me remember!!